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WOW, I am done with Winter....

Tuesday, February 03 2015

Been using LOTS of lotions and spray oils to keep the moisture in my skin. Love the Perfecting OIL and SSS Age Defying line....lost a few pounds and the skin is a little loose! Hope to be looking better before shorts weather..LOL. Also using the hair serums too. The winter DRY AIR is hard on the skin. Like to do my own mani/pedi as my be nice to me day. Ladies, we have to be good to ourselves so we can take care of our loved ones. Being single I still have a needy pet to deal with who can't wait for Spring either! Love the new Home Candle scents too!---lots of yummy fragrance for the house. Great gadgets too, with nice silicone handles. ALWAYS CHECK THE MIDDLE AND THE BACK OF THE BROCHURES as there is usually a GREAT DEAL THERE. THANK YOU FOR BEING MY CUSTOMER and being understanding as I recover from my TBI--Traumatic Brain Injury. Slow process but I look forward to everyday, you never know if you will get another. GOD BLESS and TAKE CARE of yourself.